Amalgam Hazards

Amalgam Hazards

Amalgam HazardsAmalgam hazards are a real threat to the health of millions of men and women worldwide. It’s estimated that nearly 2 in 3 adults are unaware of the danger posed by these “silver fillings.” Charlie Brown, Founder of the Consumers for Dental Choice, best summarized the hazardous nature of dental amalgam with the following statement in 1996:
“Two scientific panels in a row – these are scientists handpicked by FDA itself – the scientists have come in and to the surprise of the FDA staff have told the FDA staff, you’re wrong. You’ve got to stop amalgam use for pregnant women. You’ve got to stop amalgam use for children.”
Mr. Brown is not the only outspoken advocate for an amalgam-free dental industry. Dental amalgam hazards were thrust into the public spotlight in 1991, after an official World Health Organization report classified amalgams as the largest source of mercury pollution in non-industrialized settings.
Learn more about the extreme health hazards of amalgam in this article. If you or a loved one has dental amalgam from previous dental procedures, take a moment to learn about safe mercury filling removal in Miami.

Amalgam Health Hazards

Hazardous dental amalgam is made of many metallic elements. Among those metallic elements is liquid mercury, the most potent and dangerous non-radioactive substance known to man. Despite approval from the ADA, the use of this hazardous material defies common sense. There is no reason to risk health and well-being when inert, bio-compatible white composite materials are readily available for use during routine dental procedures.

How Does Amalgam Harm the Body?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the side effects of mercury vapor inhalation include:

  • Damage to the nervous system
  • Physical debilitation and/or disability
  • Pins, needles, and other phantom sensations
  • Inability to retain physical mobility and/or coordination
  • Difficulty with speech, hearing, and walking
  • Muscular weakness and/or degeneration

Eliminate Amalgam Health Hazards, Today

Eliminate your exposure to hazardous dental amalgam. Assure A Smile is Miami’s premier holistic dental practice, specializing in safe amalgam removal and eco-conscious disposal. Learn more about our approach to safe dental amalgam removal and replacement by calling our office directly at 305-247-0047.

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