Are You Embarrassed to Smile? A Free Infographic

//Are You Embarrassed to Smile? A Free Infographic

Are You Embarrassed to Smile? A Free Infographic

If you think twice about flashing your pearly whites, rest assured that you are not alone. Scientists estimate that nearly 76% of Americans are afraid to smile, most of whom feel embarrassed by tooth alignment, coloring, or other aesthetics. In this free Infographic, Assure A Smile takes a closer look at how refraining from a big, happy smile can deprive oneself of a variety of all-natural health benefits.
The positive health benefits of smiling are well documented. In a scientific paper titled “Smile Intensity in Photographs Predicts Longevity,” for example, researchers found that high school students who smiled in yearbook photos also exhibited better health and feelings of wellness through their young adult lives. This finding supports other studies that draw similar parallels between perceived happiness, smile frequency, and long-term health.

Health Benefits of Smiling

Review the health benefits of smiling in the free Infographic below:

Health Benefits of Smiling

Download This Infographic: For a complimentary copy of this Infographic, click on the following URL and copy/paste the embed code into the text editor of your website or blog: Embed Code-Health Benefits of Smiling-A Free Infographic

Smiling Helps Your Heart

One of the greatest benefits of smiling regularly is improved cardiovascular health. Specifically, researchers have found that individuals who think they “smile more” than average have lower amounts of arterial plaque than do other individuals who smile less frequently. These findings are important, as arterial plaque buildup can slowly block blood flow and cause heart attack or stroke (i).

Smiles Boost Your Immune System

Reporting for Psychology Today, Melissa Blake explains that frequent smiles have the ability to bolster our immune system. Writers for Senior Life Health attribute this phenomenon to the way smiling relaxes muscles, reduces tension, and promotes a more positive stress-free body environment.

Smiling Regularly Reduces Anxiety

Even when forced, researchers say a simple smile can cause a chain reaction that ultimately reduces anxiety. This was demonstrated by monitoring the brain activity of participants who were asked to grip a pencil in their teeth, an activity that activates the same facial muscles that are used to form a smile. While performing this simple task, the pleasure centers of participants’ brains became active just as they would during a normal, natural smile. This brain activity indicates that a surge of feel-good endorphins is likely triggered when forcing a smile, which helps to curb feelings of depression and anxiety.

People Who Smile Live Longer

Numerous studies indicate that individuals who regularly smile and laugh have a longer life expectancy and better overall quality of life compared to those who do not. One such study, “Happy People Live Longer,” was published in January of 2011 by Abel and Kruger (noted in Infographic above).

Create the Smile of Your Dreams

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(i) “Cholestoral and Artery Plaque Buildup.” Accessed 11 November 13.

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