Watch Out for Leaky Gut

Watch Out for Leaky Gut

Are you familiar with the GI tract? It’s that elongated tube that extends from the mouth to the anus. As one of the many important parts of the body, it can contribute to chronic diseases if you’re not taking good care of your body. Due to its mouth connection, whatever may happen in the small intestines, for example, could adversely affect the mouth.

There are seemingly infinite numbers of bacteria and different microbes in the digestive tract surface. These microbes are needed by the human to do its daily job and they also affect metabolism, nutrition, physiology, as well as the immune system. Should the microbiome experience disruption and toxic microbes become prevalent, there are greater odds of developing chronic diseases.

Gut dysbiosis refers to a GI tract disturbance or imbalance. When you are healthy, your good bacteria should keep your gut lining in good shape. This is important as your intestines contain well over fifty percent of your immune system. However, an imbalance in the gut can interfere with that process.

“Leaky gut” happens when the intestinal lining can longer function as a barrier. The communication lines between the gut bacteria and the immune system are thrown into confusion, leading to toxins or undigested foods that damage the immune system. One way in which leaky gut will make itself known is gingivitis, a highly common periodontal disease that causes gum inflammation.

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