What’s on Your Toothbrush?

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What’s on Your Toothbrush?

Chances are you’ve may have seen, read, or heard about how tiny particles of not so pleasant items may be lurking on your toothbrush due to reasons such as flushing your toilet. You may be pleased to learn then that your toothbrush may not be as riddled with germs as you’ve been potentially led to believe.

Some recent research was published in a journal called Microbiome. Adults residing near Northwestern University donated their used toothbrushes in the name of science, as well as information about their oral hygiene practices, diet, and demographics. The research contained 34 toothbrushes, from which DNA was collected and analyzed to determine the bacteria that lived on them.

The overwhelming majority of the particles found are those that are commonly present in people’s mouths. They discovered even fewer that are only present in the stomach – and, as a result, in feces. While this doesn’t suggest that it’s impossible to find such particles, it does seem to suggest that the likelihood of them being there is potentially slim to none.

While this may be good news and a sigh of relief for when we brush our teeth, proper toothbrush care remains essential. Remember that storing it in a brush or covering the bristles may increase the odds of it developing not-so-pleasant bacteria that may contribute to gum disease.

Make sure to store the toothbrush in a spot where it can air dry, be sure to rinse it out with hot water before and after brushing and make sure to replace it every three months or once the bristles appear worn. You may also wish to disinfect using an option such as a mixture of peroxide and baking soda. Another option may be to allow the toothbrush to soak in vinegar overnight. Should you have any questions about this or how to best care for your teeth holistically, our holistic dentist Miami is all about caring for the teeth and body.

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