A Miami Dental Concern: Cookies and Cavities

//A Miami Dental Concern: Cookies and Cavities

A Miami Dental Concern: Cookies and Cavities


The only thing worse than receding holiday cheer is discovering you have a cavity in February!  It is not as uncommon as you may think.  The holidays bring family, friends, and sweet treats together for days on end.  High spirits overshadow daily routine, and you may find yourself taking a nap with a mouth full of cookies!  Take a moment to review the basics with Assure a Smile, and make a cavity free start in 2011.

Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:

There are many reasons to let your oral hygiene suffer during the holidays.  Whether you are traveling, napping  after dinner, or overwhelmed with activities, finding a moment to care for your teeth and gums may seem impossible.  So, keep it simple!  Follow these 3 basic guidelines and help your teeth and gums stay healthy this winter.

Opt for Healthy Cookies

More than likely, you will not make it through the holidays without indulging your sweet tooth.  This is fine, but should be done with tact.  Choosing a healthy alternative to sweets is tough, especially when you are the guest.  When attending a dinner party, save the cookies and other desserts for after dinner.  This will ensure you eat only a couple, instead of ravenously devouring a village of helpless gingerbread men.

When hosting, remember that not everyone enjoys healthy sweets.  Prepare plenty of options using both traditional recipes and low sugar alternatives.  To illustrate, consider making a dozen or so sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles.  Recreate that same recipe, but substitute applesauce for the sugar.  Lightly top them with non-fat vanilla yogurt, and enjoy!

Brush and Floss Regularly

It is all about the basics, especially when it comes to cavity prevention.  Brushing and flossing is the best way to remove the plaque from your teeth and protect from infection.  Flossing is particularly important; it takes only 48 hours for the food particles between your teeth to infect your gums.  Skip your nightly regiment twice in a row, and you may be in trouble.

Schedule a Dental Appointment for 2011

Start the new year with a dental appointment to make sure all is in order.  This should include a thorough dental cleaning, x-rays, and inspection by a licensed DMD.  Holistic dentistry practices may also include a TMJ scan, additional digital photographs, and additional dental education to arm you with the knowledge necessary to prevent future problems.

Don’t let your oral health suffer in the midst of this holiday season!  Be mindful of sugar intake, brush and floss as normal, and schedule a dental appointment with a local Miami dentist to make sure 2011 gets off to a good start!

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