Beat the Heat with Rooibus Tea: Review and Recipe

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Beat the Heat with Rooibus Tea: Review and Recipe

There are many perks to living in South Florida. Turquoise waters, soft sandy beaches, and sprawling tropical landscape are just a few. Even the Sunshine State has its downsides, however. One is the heat, which often becomes intolerable during the late-spring, summer, and early-fall months.
Stay cool and hydrated during Miami’s hottest months with this delicious recipe for Rooibus tea, loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients known to provide far reaching health benefits.

Health Experts Weigh-In on Rooibus Tea

Move over green tea—health experts now recommend a new all-natural drink for wellness. Called Rooibus tea (pronounced Roy-bos), the new extract is said to provide a number of mental and physical health benefits. From naturally relieving stress to helping the body defend against cancer, this South African extract has become a popular substitute for other antioxidant drinks, like green tea.
The biggest reason for its rise in popularity: Rooibus tea has an incredibly diverse nutrient profile. Best of all, it’s caffeine free.
In an interview with Shape Magazine, licensed dietician Mary Hartley explains that the tea has trace amounts of minerals that are important for strong teeth, as well as a number of other vital body functions (i). Moreover, the extract is rich in antioxidants known to fortify cells, prevent free radical damage, and even prevent the development of chronic diseases like cancer.

Rooibus Tea: A New Favorite for Miami Families

Although green tea provides slightly more antioxidants, South Florida families might find Rooibus tea to provide a better balance of health benefits. Because it does not contain any caffeine the drink is likely to quench thirst without dehydrating the body. This tea is particularly good for children, as kids face a greater risk of dehydration and heat-related sickness during hot summer months (ii).

Rooibus Tea Recipe

Try this delicious recipe for Rooibus tea, and give your body a thirst-quenching treat that is high in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Please Note: Always consult a physician before making changes to your diet or exercise regimen.

  1. Water
  2. Rooibus tea
  3. Sweetener (optional): Stevia powder, brown sugar, or honey
  4. Added flavors (optional): Fresh lemon or lime juice


  1. Bring desired amount of water to a boil, using a teapot or ordinary cooking pot.
  2. Once boiling, add Rooibus tea powder/extract to water, using app. 1 teaspoon for each cup of water.
  3. Boil Rooibus tea for 5-10 minutes. Health experts say 5 minutes is needed to release the tea’s full flavor, while up to 10 minutes might be needed to release the tea’s full antioxidant potential (iii).
  4. Once boiled, strain water to remove Rooibus leaves.
  5. Pour Rooibus tea, and flavor with sweetener, lemon, or lime, as desired.

Assure A Smile extends a special thank-you to Mr. Mike Adams, editor at, for this delicious Rooibus tea recipe. (Follow Mike Adams on Twitter for additional health news, tips, and advice.)
This health report has been published by Assure A Smile, Miami’s Home of Holistic Dentistry. Readers are invited to learn more about holistic dentistry online, or call our friendly front desk directly at 305-274-0047.
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