Fresh Foods that Promote Oral Health

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Fresh Foods that Promote Oral Health

Most people understand the link between cavities and overconsuming sugar, or that too much coffee can stain your pearly whites. But what about the foods that make your mouth healthier?
Some organic eats can prevent decay and help deter bacterial growth – two key prevention strategies for maintaining a healthy smile. Here are four foods that promote oral health:

  1. Ginger

Did you know chewing on ginger root can naturally heal a toothache? Simply cut a half-inch thick piece from the main root after scrubbing the outer skin clean. Then, peel the skin and place ginger on the aching tooth. Bite down and let the juices encompass the tooth. Then, swish and swallow or spit the remaining pulp. While it may not be your number one essential in cooking, ginger is a flavorful additive that can be incorporated into everything from appetizers to ice cream. Since it has anti-inflammatory benefits, it supports healthy tissue regardless of whether you’re currently suffering from a toothache.

  1. Salmon

Periodontitis unfortunately damages both the gums and surrounding bone in your oral cavity. By incorporating omega-3 fish oils into your diet, like those found in salmon, studies show you can reduce the risk of periodontitis. Plus, salmon has high levels of Vitamin D, a key nutrient in supporting healthy bones and teeth.

  1. Apples

Considered a “dental detergent,” consuming whole apples or apple slices effectively cleans your teeth as you chew. Keep in mind, although helpful at scrubbing debris and bacteria from your mouth mid-day, apples and other dental detergents do not replace a regular brushing and flossing routine. You should always brush at least twice a day, especially after consuming fructose and other sugar rich foods. Like any acidic fruit, don’t go overboard since acids erode tooth enamel over time. 

  1. Carrots

Wielding the cleaning benefits without high acidity, carrots can scrub away leftover debris during and after meals. Carrots are high in beta-carotene, the pigment that converts to retinol – or Vitamin A. Since they are high in fiber, carrots are essentially to keeping your overall health in check.
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