What are Zirconia Implants?

What are Zirconia Implants?

What are Zirconia implants?Dental implants are changing people’s lives by restoring comfort and confidence in their ability to eat, speak, and enjoy life. Implants are used to support replacement teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. However, the implant’s substance is crucial. The trend in recent years has been to avoid using metals in our bodies. When it comes to dental implants, zirconia can be used in place of titanium as a substitute for titanium.

Zirconia dental implants in Miami are an alternative method for replacing missing teeth. Although zirconium is a metal, oxidation turns it into zirconia, a ceramic substance. The combined strength of metal with the heat-resistant power of ceramic, provides strength comparable to that of metal. When you eat, your teeth must survive the tremendous force exerted by your jaw muscles. Zirconium implants can bear a great deal of pressure and are incredibly durable.

Zirconia is bioinert, which means it won’t react chemically, transfer to other regions of the body or corrode. That’s why it’s referred to as a non-metal titanium alternative. In addition, plaque has a hard time sticking due to its naturally smooth finish, which lacks bends and fissures. Zirconia is also a non-polar substance. As a result, bacteria are less likely to stick to it. With zirconium implants, you can dramatically improve the appearance, function, and overall health of your smile.

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