The Advantages of Holistic Dentistry as Opposed to Traditional Dentistry

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The Advantages of Holistic Dentistry as Opposed to Traditional Dentistry

When it comes to your health and well-being, everyone is looking for safer, healthier solutions. Dental care is no exception to the rule.


Traditional dentistry is simply the most widespread and well-known dentistry. Your teeth will be fixed by both a holistic and a traditional dentist. However, a  traditional dentist solely concentrates on correcting problems in the mouth and ignores any issues that may occur with your overall health as a result of your teeth. 


Holistic dental care is a type of health-care practice that considers the body as a whole. Holistic dentistry believes your teeth and gums are indicators of your overall health. Simply put, when cleaning, diagnosing and treating your smile, a holistic dentist considers your nutrition, lifestyle, environment and general health.


The development of biocompatible materials is one reason why people are becoming more interested in holistic dentistry.  These materials are less hazardous than typical materials, which can cause sensitivities and other unpleasant reactions. Holistic dentistry uses filings, crowns and orthodontics that all contain bio components. Dentists that practice holistic dentistry also believe in teaching their patients.This includes teaching you about the importance of a healthy diet, such as eating an alkaline, sugar-free diet to help reduce bacterial growth and saliva acidity, both of which are major causes of tooth decay.


As holistic techniques become more established and well-known, they are likely to become more mainstream than traditional dentistry.


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