Fluoridegate: Watch the Inside Story of Water Fluoridation

//Fluoridegate: Watch the Inside Story of Water Fluoridation

Fluoridegate: Watch the Inside Story of Water Fluoridation

Fluoridegate- Watch the Inside Story of Water FluoridationWater fluoridation has been hailed as one of the greatest achievements in public health of the 20th century, particularly in the fight against tooth decay and oral disease. However, an ever-growing body of research indicates that fluoride accumulates in the body and causes serious health issues. As scientists and health professionals increasingly warn Americans about the potentially toxic side effects of fluoride ingestion, one is left to wonder: Why is fluoride being added to our drinking water?
Fluoridegate—An American Tragedy explores this looming question, citing original research findings from as early as the 1950s that describe the dangerous side effects of fluoride exposure. Produced and directed by former President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), Dr. David Kennedy, Fluoridegate takes an uncensored look at the sordid history of water fluoridation programs and their true impact on public health.

Fluoridegate—An American Tragedy

At just over 1 hour in length, Fluoridegate is an engaging documentary that “reveals the tragedy of how government, industry, and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to our country.” This intriguing documentary draws from a diversity of original sources, including pro-fluoride films from the 1950s as well as original interviews with public officials, scientists, and former members of the IAOMT and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Video Takeaways

1. Fluoride is a byproduct of industrial manufacturing.
Most Americans are shocked to learn that an estimated 90% or more of the fluoride added to public drinking water in the United States is actually hydrofluoric acid, a compound that is the chemical byproduct of industrial manufacturing processes (i). This compound is an extremely acidic and corrosive material that also happens to be the active ingredient in some rat poisons, cockroach powders, and other rodenticides (ii).
2. Fluoride is “Forced Medication of the Public”
As a FDA-classified drug, fluoride is a chemical substance that is distributed to the public via tap water, without their consent. In the video, New York City Council Member Peter F. Vallone, Jr. calls water fluoridation “forced medication of the public, because the government says so… It’s outrageous.”
3. EPA Denied Senior Scientists’ Request to Review Fluoride Safety Studies Prior to Onset of Public Fluoridation Program (1950s)
During his interview in the film above, former EPA Senior Scientist, J. William Hirzy, PhD, explains that the original safety studies used to justify water fluoridation programs were developed by an independent contractor outside of the EPA. While reviewing this “criteria” that the EPA would later use as the scientific justification for water fluoridation, Dr. Hirzy recalls having made an alarming discovery: The documentation ignored “quite a bit of data on some critical toxicity points” about fluoride. Specifically omitted were the mutagenetic (DNA damaging) and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) properties of fluoride.
When Dr. Hirzy and colleagues approached the EPA Head of Drinking Water with the critical omission, their request to have the author of the study justify their conclusions was outright denied.

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(i) “The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry: An Environmental Overview.” Fluoride Action Network. Accessed 21 May 2013.
(ii) Wilson, Lawrence M.D. “Water Fluoridation.” Accessed 21 May 2013.

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