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Bring Teeth Closer Together With Invisalign

miami-dentist-bring-teeth-closer-invisalignMany patients seek orthodontic treatments like braces to narrow the gaps between their teeth.  A common misconception, however, has patients thinking their only option are a pair of traditional metal braces.  Those seeking to narrow the gaps between their teeth will be happy to know that Invisalign clear braces offer a more convenient treatment option.

Comments by Ted Herrmann:

There are several factors that may cause teeth to grow far apart from one another.  These factors include the following:

Normal Growth

It is perfectly normal for teeth to move apart from one another while a child ages into a young adult.  This is simply a byproduct of a normally growing jawbone.  For example, the permanent teeth of a young adult may grow in perfect alignment with one another at first.  Unfortunately, the jaw bone may continue to grow at a rate that moves the young adult’s permanent teeth over the years, creating gaps amidst a once near-perfect smile.


Acromegaly occurs in about 6 of every 100,000 adults, causing abnormal hormone production even after the skeleton is finished growing (i).  This abnormality is thought to cause the jaw of an adult to continue to grow, moving teeth apart from one another.  This differs from the aforementioned normal growth of the jaw bone because it is caused by excessive hormonal output.

Missing Tooth

Children lose their first teeth gradually, creating spaces throughout their mouths that may interfere with the growth of other teeth.  If a child loses a tooth adjacent to a permanent tooth, for example, the permanent tooth may shift and grow towards that empty space.  This is because teeth tend to grow into empty spaces, taking the path of least resistance.

Widely spaced teeth is a trait can be seen in young children and adults alike.  No matter the age, though, Invisalign clear braces can help an individual gently straighten their teeth to narrow the gaps in their smile.  Dade County residents may consider scheduling a consultation with a local Miami Invisalign provider to review treatment options that can gently and conveniently realign widely spaced teeth.


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