Miami Invisalign Treatment for Overcrowded Teeth

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Miami Invisalign Treatment for Overcrowded Teeth

dentist-miami-invisalign-treatement-overcrowded-teethOvercrowded teeth is a common condition among children and young adults.  Take caution:  it is rarely a good idea to remove one tooth to make room for the rest.  Instead, using treatment plans like Invisalign clear braces will help to straighten teeth into parallel alignment, creating a beautiful smile that is more easily cared for.

Comments by Dr. Tedd Herrmann:

As a holistic dentistry practice, Assure a Smile believes in preserving the smiles of our patients as much as possible.  This means no excessive drilling, no dangerous chemical treatments, and never removing a tooth unless it is absolutely necessary.

When it comes to treating patients with overcrowded teeth, we recommend the Invisalign clear braces system because it is convenient, gentle, and effective.  What’s more:  using Invisalign clear braces to realign overcrowded teeth will make your teeth easier to clean, decreasing your chances of developing plaque and gum disease.

Prevent Gum Disease with Invisalign

True, braces help straighten teeth to create beautiful smiles.  However, the benefit of braces is not solely aesthetic.  Gum disease prevention is another upside to reshaping overcrowded teeth that many patients fail to consider when weighing the pros and cons of orthodontic treatment.

When teeth are overcrowded, it simply means they grow so close to one another that they overlap.  Sometimes this overlapping causes the teeth to grow crookedly, though the teeth usually remain functional.  However, overlapping teeth create an ideal place for food particles to get trapped when eating.  To make matters worse, it is increasingly difficult to brush and floss these food particles away because they are so deeply wedged within the overlapping areas of the teeth.

When food particles remain trapped between teeth, a film of plaque forms along the enamel, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to breed.  Once this happens, infection may occur within as little as 48 hours.  Prolonged infection over many years leads to gum disease, a serious oral health problem that causes swollen and bloody gums, gum recession, and even loss of teeth.

It is important to consider straightening overcrowded teeth not only for appearance reasons, but to make your teeth easier to clean as well.  Assure a Smile is a proud Miami Invisalign provider that has helped many patients create healthy long-lasting smiles with clear, comfortable, and conveniently removable braces.

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