Invisalign in Miami

Invisalign in Miami

miami-dentist-invisalign-in-miamiMost people know that Miami Invisalign providers promise a comfortable, convenient, effective way to straighten their teeth.  The question is:  Will it work?

Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann

Invisalign clear braces have become popular in recent years because they are clear, removable, and hassle-free when compared to traditional metal braces.  Many patients are skeptical, however, that the Invisalign system will work to straighten their teeth.  A teeth straightening system with wires and brackets, it seems, has many wondering if they can achieve the same results with Invisalign as they can with traditional braces.

Invisalign:  Over a Million Smiling Faces

Those considering an Invisalign treatment plan may rest assured that the company boasts “over a million smiles” evidencing the effectiveness of their product.  These patients typically have a number of different issues that need correction, including:

Widely Spaced Teeth

Typically, an abnormally growing jaw bone contributes to widely spaced teeth.  However, this may also be cause by teeth shifting to fill a space left by a missing or removed tooth.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth result from too little space on the jaw bone for each tooth to grow within its own space.  This crowding causes overlap that makes teeth hard to clean, contributing to tooth decay and eventually gum disease.


Crossbites are characterized by a vertical misalignment of the upper and lower jaw.  When the mouth closes, several upper teeth my bite down on the inside or outside edge of the lower teeth, causing excessive wear and bone loss.


Overbites are usually caused by genetics; however, they may also be caused by eating habits or the over development of the jaw bone that supports the teeth.  An overbite is characterized by an extreme extension of the teeth of the upper jaw out and over the teeth of the lower jaw.

As a Miami Invisalign provider, Assure a Smile works to develop custom teeth straightening plans for each of our patients.  At Assure a Smile, we strive to help patients achieve the Smile of their dreams.  We have had many patients emphatically report near-perfect results after using Invisalign products.  For more information on treatment options, please visit our Invisalign invisible braces page.

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