Heavy Metals and Free Radicals

//Heavy Metals and Free Radicals

Heavy Metals and Free Radicals

Free radicals are increasingly being linked with several diseases, including heart disease.  Lowering the level of free radicals in your body is a crucial first step towards increasing overall health.  Two powerful measures you can take to lower the amount of free radicals in your body include ingesting plenty of antioxidants and regularly implementing heavy metal detoxification strategies.
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Free radicals have been a topic of popular health news for several years now.  The simplest way to think of free radicals is to think of your body as a car.  You power your body with food, water, and oxygen just as you power your car with gasoline.  Similar to your car, your body burns these things and produces byproducts.  Free radicals, in this light, are like the exhaust of a car.  They are produced as a byproduct of cellular activity, they have no benefit, and they can be quite harmful as they accumulate.

Combat Free Radicals with Antioxidants

Free radicals circulate through your body, bombarding healthy cells continuously.  New research suggests this bombardment is detrimental to your DNA, and it may be a factor that increases your chances of developing serious diseases like cancer.
One measure we can easily take to fight free radicals is making sure our diets are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C.  Antioxidants are simple oxygen molecules that combine with free radicals, neutralizing them and halting their rampage.  Regularly consuming plenty of antioxidants can help keep limit the extent to which free radicals are able to damage the cellular structures in your body.
Employ a Heavy Metal Detoxification Strategy
Using a heavy metal detoxification strategy is a superb way to fight the production of free radicals.  Recent studies show that free radicals may replicate exponentially when they come into contact with heavy metals.  A free radical that collides with mercury, for example, may explode into a hundred or so more free radicals.  Heavy metal detoxification, then, is a necessity for limiting the reproduction of free radicals in your body.
Of course, reducing your exposure to heavy metals is important as well.  It is recommended that fish like tuna, for example, is consumed sparingly as it contains high levels of mercury.  Patients with silver amalgam fillings may likewise want to consider amalgam filling removal to further reduce their exposure to mercury.

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