Is Toxic Mercury Hiding in Your Mouth?

//Is Toxic Mercury Hiding in Your Mouth?

Is Toxic Mercury Hiding in Your Mouth?

When people think about the chemical element of mercury, they often think about the little silver ball that rests at the bottom of an old thermometer. Now regarded as obsolete and unsafe, thermometers of the past have been replaced with safe instruments to measure temperature. Yet, despite our understanding of the long-term harmful effects of mercury, today more than 200 million Americans are walking around with mercury in their mouths, many of which don’t even know it.


For well over a century, dentists have been using mercury in a combination of powdered metal alloys to create a strong, flexible filling soft enough to press into a tooth cavity. Though it produces a long-lasting seal to help keep out deterioration, Mercury in any form is toxic. It is also one of the main ingredients in dental amalgam (silver fillings). Although mercury vapor exposure from silver fillings can be modest, the risks to your health are significant when they are in your mouth all day, every day.


As a holistic dentist in Miami, we are aware of the harmful impact mercury can have to both your oral and overall health. We also understand the risks associated with its removal. The removal of mercury fillings must be done with considerable caution. Patients must schedule an appointment with an expert mercury removal dentist, in order to avoid exposure to mercury vapor and amalgam pieces during the treatment. At Assure A Smile, we use dental dams and advanced filtration systems to safely and environmentally dispose of mercury amalgam.


To learn more about safe mercury filling removal with Miami dentist Dr. Theodore Herrmann, contact Assure A Smile online or call our friendly front desk directly at 305-709-0142.

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