The Growing Popularity of Eco-Dentistry

//The Growing Popularity of Eco-Dentistry

The Growing Popularity of Eco-Dentistry

Dentistry aims to keep society and the individuals who live within it free from dental diseases, providing for an overall healthier community. The dentist industry has expanded and increased for the last few decades, and the latest concern for improvement is that of going green. This concept focuses on the progress of oral health while still protecting the environment.

Many believe that the dentistry industry has a large carbon footprint (or the amount of carbon produced by an entity or individuals). Carbon can have a devastating impact on the environment as it can harm the quality of the air. A large number of resources and a massive amount of energy are needed to provide oral health across the world. Harmful chemicals that are used in some cases, such as mercury, are also thought to have a part in pollution, along with disposable items that are not biodegradable.

This, paired with a rise in eco-consciousness across multiple industries, has played a part in the rising popularity of eco-friendly dentistry. Eco-friendly dentistry coupled with holistic dentistry Miami can play a significant role in providing oral care in a way that is both better for the body and the environment. Most models for eco-friendly dentistry utilize what is known as the 4-R model, which includes reducing, reusing, recycling, and rethinking. This model encourages reducing waste, conserving energy and resources, and ultimately reducing the reliance on materials that do not decompose or cannot be reused.

Through eco-dentistry initiatives, oral healthcare providers, like Assure a Smile, holistic dentist in Miami, are reminded that dentistry positively impacts their patients’ health and lives and has the opportunity to positively impact the environment as well.

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