Valentine's Invisalign Special in Miami

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Valentine's Invisalign Special in Miami

miami-dentist-valentines-invisalign-specialAfter an incredibly successful Miami Invisalign promotion last fall, we’re at it again!  The Valentine’s Invisalign Special is here, and there has never been a better chance to create a picture perfect smile for you or a loved one.  Starting today, February 1st, patients who enroll in an Invisalign treatment will automatically receive $500 off their Invisalign procedure and a special $500 credit towards a complementary teeth whitening treatment!

Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:

Last fall’s Invisalign special substantially grew the Assure a Smile family.  We are excited to have so many new patients with our practice!  In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are creating another Invisalign promotion.  This time around, expect more than a great deal on Invisalign clear braces.  We’ve revamped the special to include the perfect complement to a new smile:  a teeth whitening procedure!   From today until February 28th, patients who enroll in Invisalign will receive a special $500 off their Invisible Braces system.  At the conclusion of the treatment, patients will receive the added bonus of a teeth whitening procedure at an additional $500 off!

There has never been a better time to create a perfect smile for you or a loved one.  The Valentine’s Invisalign Special is available for both patients and friends of patients.  Miami residents:  don’t be shy about spreading the word on this promotion!  New patients need only schedule an appointment to meet with one of Assure a Smile’s Invisalign specialists.

New to Miami Invisalign?

For patients new to Invisalign, here is what to expect:

– First, schedule an appointment with a local Miami Invisalign specialist.  When you meet with your specialist, he or she will examine your teeth and provide an Invisalign treatment recommendation for best results.

– After deciding to move forward with Invisalign, you will visit your specialist and have a set of impressions taken.  These will provide replicas of your teeth that will be used to design Invisalign aligners.

– Your first set of aligners from Invisalign will be molded to fit your teeth almost perfectly.  The fit is “near perfect” because each set of aligners is designed to fit a slightly more straight version of your current teeth.

– Your teeth will gradually shift to fit more comfortably inside your custom Invisalign aligners.  Once your teeth fit your first set of aligners perfectly, you will receive a second set of aligners designed to shift your teeth even closer together.

This process is repeated under the supervision of your Miami Invisalign specialist.  The number of custom aligners you cycle through depends largely on your unique teeth arrangements and the results you and your dental professional set out to achieve.

The Finishing Touch

Don’t forget:  after completing your Miami Invisalign treatment plan, you are entitled to receive a $500 credit towards teeth whitening!  But hurry, because you must enroll between February 1st and 28th to receive the Valentine’s Invisalign Special!

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