Dentistry News: Brushing Habits Tied to Heart Health

//Dentistry News: Brushing Habits Tied to Heart Health

Dentistry News: Brushing Habits Tied to Heart Health

miami-dentist-news-brushing-habits-heart-health Dentists in Miami have written many articles on gum disease, heart disease, and the link the two diseases share.  According to research, those with gum disease are place at higher risk of developing heart problems than are those without gum disease.  Now, it seems, the problem may start well before gum disease takes shape.  New research indicates that your habit of brushing may significantly affect your chances of developing serious heart disease.
Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:
Holistic dentistry is beginning to see some of the spotlight when it comes to new age medicine and research.  Bodies of evidence are mounting, indicating that each of our body systems is connected.  The role of the mind and the affect it has over physical health is just one example of this school of thought.  Another example is the connection between the mouth and the rest of the body.  The mouth is a gateway, providing easy entryway for disease and bacteria alike.  A new study from the University College London asserts that teeth brushing is an important piece of this equation, significantly lowering the chance of serious disease among those who brush their teeth regularly.

Miami Dentists Look at Oral Hygiene

If the mouth is the gateway through which bacteria and disease may enter the body, then oral hygiene is a critical factor in determining overall health.  Bad oral hygiene leads to many different health problems.  Most dental patients are aware of the most common:  cavities.  Cavities result from an excessive accumulation of plaque on the surface of teeth.  This plaque allows acid-producing bacteria to grow on the teeth, slowly eating away at the enamel of the tooth over time.  In this light, bacteria is one of the most harmful foreign agents that may enter the mouth.
Bacteria accumulation may cause more than cavities, however.  The 150th meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science declared a potential correlation between the bacteria that causes gum disease and the bacteria that causes heart disease.  The bacteria, according to research, seemed to be identical.  In other words, the same bacteria that causes gum disease may travel from the oral cavity to other major organs by way of the bloodstream and cause serious illnesses.  When the bacteria reach the heart, for example, it may cause swelling that contributes to artery blockage and heart disease.
This new research places added emphasis on the importance of sound oral hygiene.  Brushing and flossing are more than just ways to prevent cavities.  Keeping your mouth clean is proving to be instrumental in maintaining long term health and wellness.

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