Dental Amalgam 101

//Dental Amalgam 101

Dental Amalgam 101

Dental amalgam is the proper term to refer to the silver material that is used in dental procedures like fillings.  This material is actually a combination of mercury and at least one other metal, like tin.  Invented in France in the early 1800s, dental amalgam has remained a popular filling agent because of its strength.  However, experts at the World Health Organization have made a clear assertion:  Mercury from dental amalgam feeds more mercury into a person’s body system than any other source combined, prompting many to seek safe amalgam filling removal.
Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:
We know that arsenic is a powerful poison, used for years by farmers as a toxin to kill insects, bacteria, and fungi.  We think of lead as a toxic poison as well, remembering the massive recall of nearly 1 million Mattel toys that were allegedly tainted with lead-rich paints.  There is a delicate balance to achieve when dealing with poisons and consumers.  In the case of arsenic, very low concentrations can prove helpful, killing only insects while helping to grow healthy crops.  In the case of Mattel, however, a massive recall was necessary because the concentration of lead was far too great.  Dental amalgam falls in the latter category; dental professionals from around the world agree that amalgams contain high concentrations of mercury that inevitably finds its way into your body tissue (i).

Mercury Absorption from Dental Amalgam

Mercury is an extremely toxic poison that can kill when ingested in large amounts.  Alarmingly, the dental amalgam used in silver fillings may be composed of up to 60% mercury or more.  With this in mind, Dr. Gary Null and Dr. Martin Feidman of New York set out to test mercury absorption with relation to dental amalgams.  Their results were astonishing:  the mercury from silver fillings is ingested at a rate of 10-50 times the level deemed “safe” by the U.S. Public Health Service (ii).  Variance in absorption is due to individual filling composition and the personal habits of the patient.  However, their study clearly reflects the dangerous nature of silver fillings.

Safe Amalgam Removal

Many patients are turning to safe amalgam removal to ride themselves of their highly toxic silver fillings.  For South Florida residents, choosing a Miami dentist to have your silver fillings removed requires due diligence.  Ensure the dental professional you seek takes the proper precautions when removing fillings.  For example, dental dams are necessary to cover the oral cavity and prevent inhalation of amalgam fragments and mercury vapor.  Assure a Smile is one of South Florida’s leading holistic dentistry practices that specializes in safe mercury removal.  To learn more, please contact Assure a Smile today!
(ii) See above.

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