Holistic Wellness Requires Detoxing!

//Holistic Wellness Requires Detoxing!

Holistic Wellness Requires Detoxing!

miami-dentist-holistic-wellness-requires-detoxingThe Miami Dentist Blog has covered heavy metal toxins before.  These metallic chemicals are everywhere, and we ingest them more frequently then we think.  To make matters worse, heavy metals accumulate in the body.  Over time, this accumulation may lead to serious health conditions.

Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:

Holistic dentistry is thought of as people dentistry.  The idea that a patient is a complex, interconnected puzzle is at the very core of the holistic approach to dentistry.  Not surprising, this approach involves an assessment of the nutrients an individual ingests.  The things we eat have a profound impact on the overall wellness of our bodies, an impact that extends far beyond the teeth and gums.

It is important to remain attentive to the foods we eat.  Unfortunately, heavy metal toxins are abundant in the water and processed foods we consume most often.  This is bad:  heavy metals are being linked to serious illness.  With increased exposure to heavy metals comes an increased risk of developing lung cancer, impaired respiratory system, anemia, liver damage, and stomach or intestinal irritation (i).

Holistic Dentistry Guide to Heavy Metals

The first step in limiting exposure to heavy metals is to know what they are and where they come from.  Three of the most common heavy metals include aluminum, lead, and mercuryAssure a Smile has posted this quick reference guide to help you identify these metals in their most common forms (ii):


Aluminum is a chemical element of the Earth’s crust.  It is most recognizable in the kitchen; sold in rolls, aluminum foil is often used to cover food before refrigeration.  The material is also common in sporting goods like baseball bats and golf clubs.  However, this metal is also prevalent in a number of consumable goods including antiperspirants, milk, table salt, seasonings, American cheese, and bleached flour.


Lead is another one of the Earth’s natural elements.  This material is used in building construction, weights, and lead-acid batteries.  This metal is extremely dangerous and has been linked with nervous system and brain disorders.  What many people will find surprising, however, is how many sources of lead there are in our environment:  car exhaust, lead based paint, canned fruits and juices, and even toothpastes.


Mercury is one of the most toxic materials of which we know.  Increased exposure to this material may cause serious illness as well as nervous system defects in developing babies.  Of great concern to holistic dentists is the use of mercury in dental amalgams.  Dental amalgam, or silver fillings, may be as much as 60% mercurySafe amalgam removal is highly recommended for patients who have this dangerous chemical in their teeth.

Once identified, these common sources of heavy metals can be avoided.  Limiting exposure to unfiltered drinking water, food seasonings, canned foods, and lead paint is the only way to safeguard against the development of serious illness.  Dental amalgam removal is further advised by holistic dentists to rid patients of a major source of heavy metal exposure, limiting long term health risk.

(i) http://www.tip2000.com/health/waterpollution.asp

(ii) Junger, Alejandro. “Appendix.” Clean. New York: HarperCollins, 2011. 292-93. Print.

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