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Miami Dentistry with the iTero Scanner

miami-dentistry-with-the-itero-scannerMiami dental professionals have the advantage of practicing medicine in a hub for international research and technological innovation.  Often referred to as the Gateway to the Americas, the city of Miami is home to leading medical professionals and organizations from around the world.  The medical industry in Miami is exciting and fast paced, exposing local professionals to the latest and greatest high-tech toys.  This Miami dentist office is excited to introduce the newest member of the Assure a Smile family:  The iTero Scanner.
Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:
The iTero Scanner represents an exciting achievement in modern dentistry.  Convenient, comfortable, and incredibly accurate, the iTero Scanner is capable of creating a digital “map” of the mouth to help dental professionals serve patients more effectively.  This digital map can be used to create crowns, bridges, in-lays, and more with nearly flawless precision that makes for a comfortable fit every time.  The iTero Scanner has also revolutionized the way dental impressions are taken:
Out with the Old
Traditionally, taking impressions of a patient’s oral cavity is time consuming and uncomfortable.  It required clenching large metal trays of liquid plaster against both upper and lower jaw, with extra liquid plaster spilling over the impression trays and into the patient’s mouth.  This part of the process was most uncomfortable, with many patients feeling anxious over the danger of gagging, swallowing, or choking on the excess plaster “goop.”
In with the New
Patients no longer have to endure the discomfort and anxiety of old impression-taking methods.  The iTero Scanner takes digital images of the oral anatomy of the mouth, eliminating the need for liquid plaster entirely.  Patients may watch as these images are gathered on the in-office computer display, gaining insight on the structure of their teeth and gums like never before.
After the iTero Scanner gathers images of the entire oral cavity, the images are used to construct a 3-dimensional landscape of the patient’s oral cavity with unparalleled detail and accuracy.
Patients may now sit comfortably while their dental professional takes digital images of their teeth and gums, one section of the mouth at a time.  Patients may break from the procedure periodically to rest, if they choose to do so, and pick up right where they left off.  All in all, the scan takes only 5 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions About the iTero Scanner*

What does the name “iTero” mean?
The word “iTero” is Latin in origin and means “to repeat.”  Align Technology Corporation, the proprietors of this revolutionary new device, coined this name to symbolize its ability to exactly replicate the oral anatomy of a patient’s mouth.
Is receiving a dental impression from the iTero Scanner comfortable?
Absolutely.  Studies conducted with patients indicate that iTero scans are more comfortable and less time consuming than traditional impression methods.  With the iTero Scanner, there is no need for a patient to clench cold metal trays in their mouth for long and uncomfortable periods of time.  Instead, the patient simply opens their mouth as if they were receiving a typical examination.  Digital images are taken of each section of the upper and lower jaw area.  Once those images are recorded, the patient may relax!  The iTero computer software will finish the impression process by constructing a precise replica of their unique oral anatomy.
Why would a dental professional choose to use the iTero Scanner over traditional impression trays?
It’s all about precision.  The iTero Scanner uses advanced digital imaging technology to create a map of the tooth and gum tissues of the mouth that is much more accurate than traditional impression methods.  This helps to create crowns, bridges, and surface in-lays that fit almost perfectly within the patient’s natural tooth and gum landscape.
Are patients exposed to radiation during the iTero digital impression?
No, the iTero Scanner does not emit any radioactive waves whatsoever.  Rather, the scanner uses visible light to take digital images.
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