Why Do I Need X-Rays at My Dental Check-Up?

Why Do I Need X-Rays at My Dental Check-Up?

Why Do I Need X-Rays at My Dental Check-Up?

Regular exams and teeth cleaning from a holistic dentist in Miami are recommended in order to keep your oral health in top shape. In addition to exams and cleaning, x-rays may be needed. This is because a visual exam does not always give us the insight we need to make important assessments about your mouth. X-rays can help us detect possible diseases that cannot be viewed with the eyes alone.


X-rays, or radiographs, allow a view into the inside of the teeth, helping dentists see the condition of the tooth, the roots, and the jaw. Dental x-rays can show decay, cysts, abscesses, tumors, bone loss and can assess whether or not the teeth are in a healthy position.


However, the number of x-rays and how often they occur will depend on your own health. Some may need to visit holistic dentistry in Miami more often than others. Those who have gum disease or other oral health diseases may need to come in every six months. Those who do not have ongoing dental treatment may be able to have x-rays only every few years. New patients will also need x-rays to assess the state of their oral health.


Dental x-rays are very safe. All x-rays expose your body to minor radiation levels, but the effects of this are so low that x-rays are still considered safe. You will receive a lead apron to cover your abdomen area during the x-ray.


Curious about our x-ray process? Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have by calling our office at 305.768.9061.

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