Can Sugar-Free Drinks Damage Your Teeth?

Can Sugar-Free Drinks Damage Your Teeth?

Can Sugar-Free Drinks Damage Your Teeth?

Sugar is not the best thing for your teeth and overall oral health. Along with too much being a leading cause of several diseases throughout the body, like diabetes and heart disease, it can cause cavities and tooth decay in the mouth. Many turn to sugar-free drinks to satisfy their sweet tooth without the sugar – but are they better for your teeth?


The lower the pH of a drink, the larger the risk for tooth decay. Sugar is not the only thing to look out for either. Drinks with high acidity can also cause damage to your teeth. Sugar-free drinks still have low pH values and contain many different acids.


Essentially, these drinks can still cause the same amount of harm to your teeth as the regular ones.


The best way to avoid this is to reduce the number of sugary drinks you have daily. Water is always a great option, but tea (unsweetened) is another beverage option if you prefer something with more flavor. If you have any questions about switching out sugary beverages for healthier ones, contact your holistic dentist in Miami.


If you have a soda or other sugary beverage, make sure to brush your teeth after so that the sugar and acid impact can be minimized. Drinking through a straw may also help as it reduces the beverage’s contact with your teeth.


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