Can Periodontal Disease Impact Your Lungs?

Can Periodontal Disease Impact Your Lungs?

Can Periodontal Disease Impact Your Lungs?Periodontal disease occurs in the gums due to the buildup of bacteria along and below the gumline. Patients can either have acute or chronic periodontal disease. Acute periodontal disease can be seen with pain because of the deterioration of oral tissue (may also be referred to as trench mouth). Chronic forms, such as gingivitis, do not typically cause as much pain but can leave a lasting impact on your overall health.


If periodontal disease is left untreated, it can lead to illness in the lungs. Bacteria responsible for respiratory illnesses can migrate to the lungs from the oral cavity. So, with periodontal disease, there is an increase of the bad bacteria in the mouth, making it much more likely for lung disease and illness to follow.


Long-term exposure to the bacteria can cause inflammation in the gums, further pushing it along to other parts of the body, causing their own problems with inflammation.


Taking care of your oral health and making regular appointments with your holistic dentist in Miami is crucial for preventing periodontal disease. The healthier your mouth is, the healthier your lungs may be. Holistic dentistry in Miami will help you find ways to better care for your oral health and prevent lung-related illnesses from periodontal disease.


If you currently have respiratory issues, make an appointment with your doctor so that they may coordinate care with your dentist for the best possible treatment plans.


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