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Breast Thermography at Assure A Smile

Breast Thermography: Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

No Radiation | Non Invasive | No Painful Compression

Breast Thermography Assure A SmileWhen it comes to Breast Cancer, experts agree that early detection is the key to survival. Women now have access to a unique technology that can provide them with early warning; a procedure called Breast Thermography.   

Thermography is very safe and painless. It is merely an image of the heat of your body. Thermal imaging detects changes at the cellular level. An opportunity to make adjustments to your diet, beliefs, and lifestyle to transform your cells before they became cancerous. Inflammation is present in precancerous and cancerous cells.It is also present in torn muscles and ligaments as well as arthritic joints, which thermography can also detect.

Visit Assure A Smile for Breast Thermography by Certified Professional

When: September 23rd

Where: Assure A Smile – click here for location information.

Initial Breast Thermography Scan with Carol Briseno, Certified Clinical Thermographer: $175

Appointments: Please contact Assure A Smile at 954-540-7633. 

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