Dental Myths to Stop Believing Now

//Dental Myths to Stop Believing Now

Dental Myths to Stop Believing Now

Oral health is a crucial part of our overall health and wellness. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding dentistry, which can lead to an increase of anxiety when going to the dentist, and misinformation that leads to bad practices for patients – which lead to oral health issues.

While many myths are circulating, there are a few we want to tackle today.

The first is the misconception that sweets are the only things that cause cavities. Any substance that is in the mouth for an extended period of time can foster an acidic environment in the mouth – which causes cavities. To avoid this, try gargling or rinsing with plain water after each meal so residue from food can be washed away.

Second, brushing your teeth harder is not always better. The more pressure you apply when brushing your teeth, the more you leave yourself open to oral injury on teeth and gums. This type of brushing can cause abrasions, which ultimately leave you with a sensitive mouth, and prone to more problems in the future. Instead, brush gently with soft bristles in a circular motion.

Lastly, brushing your teeth is not the only step to achieve good oral health. While you should be brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing for gum health and cleaning your tongue are a key part of a daily routine that prioritizes a healthy mouth. You also should be visiting your dentist on time for scheduled appointments.

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