How Stress Affects Oral Health

How Stress Affects Oral Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a surprising impact on oral health. Roughly 70% of dentists in a survey conducted by the American Dental Association have reported that they are seeing more patients scheduling visits with issues regarding teeth grinding and clenching, problems induced by stress.

While these are not new issues, and there are many things in the modern-day that stress people out, the rate has increased exponentially in the last year. Symptoms include waking up with clicking and/or popping in the jaw, difficulty opening your mouth completely, tight muscles, headaches, sore teeth, sensitive teeth (especially when chewing), and pain when drinking cold beverages.

If untreated, there can be severe effects that last long-term. The discomfort it causes can prove to have an overall negative impact on your life. If you do not see your dentist about this issue, you can potentially ignore other serious oral health issues. Germs from the mouth can make their way into other parts of the body, including the heart and the joints.

The best way to prevent the health problems caused by stress-related oral health issues is to stay up to date with your dental visits or visit your Holistic dentist Miami as soon as you start experiencing a problem. You can also find ways to incorporate calming habits into daily life to mitigate stress. This way, you will experience fewer problems onset by stress like tight and painful jaw movement and teeth grinding.

Holistic Dentistry Miami is another great method to prevent oral health issues. Assure a Smile believe that your teeth will experience a much healthier life through the proper nutrition, diet, and safe care. Our practices are based on holistic theory, which will help us discover different body ailments by examining the teeth and gums.

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