A Daily Lemon Does the Body Good

A Daily Lemon Does the Body Good

Water offers necessary hydration, and it makes for a perfect, safe way to start your day when you decide to add some lemon to it. In addition to being rich in the always essential vitamin C, lemon also touts many other benefits including improving heart and digestive health plus helping to regulate weight. Let’s dig into that a little bit.

The average lemon contains about 31 mg of vitamin C, which equates to about fifty percent of the daily intake you should be consuming daily. Vitamin C can decrease the risks of heart disease and, along with plant and fiber compounds present in lemon, can lessen risk factors significantly, including reducing the levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol.

Lemons are made up of about ten percent carbohydrates, mainly in soluble fiber form and sugar. Pectin, a soluble form of fiber linked to various health boosts, is the key fiber in lemons. Soluble fiber can improve gut health and slow down the digestion of sugar and starch. These may lead to a decrease in blood sugar levels, collectively. You’ll need to be able to eat the pulp to get the biggest impact from the lemon, however.

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