A Heartfelt Plea For Mercury Filling Removal

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A Heartfelt Plea For Mercury Filling Removal

miami-dentist-heartfelt-plea-safe-mercury-removalWhen it comes to mercury and your body, each major organ system is at risk.  The heart and cardiac system, however, are particularly susceptible to poisoning from mercury.
Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:
Once the toxicity of mercury enters the bloodstream, it races through the blood and to each major organ.  The damage that inhaled mercury can cause is permanent and deadly, however, it can be avoided altogether.  Consulting a dentist about safe mercury filling removal is the best way to avoid developing extremely harmful health conditions.

Methyl mercury in Dental Amalgam

Dental amalgam is composed of silver, tin, and most noteworthy mercury.  It is important to realize that the mercury content of an amalgam (silver) filling is proportional to the amount of amalgam using in the filling.  In other words, larger fillings contain larger amounts of mercury.  Once in the mouth, the mercury is exposed to a good deal of pressure and heat.  The natural chewing motion of a person’s jaws, combined with anxious jaw clenching and teeth grinding, exert pressure on silver fillings.  When combined with the warmth of the human body and the oral cavity, this pressure gradually vaporizes the mercury content of amalgam fillings.  As the mercury is vaporized, it is intermittently inhaled at dangerous concentrations.

Mercury Exposure and the Cardiac System

As amalgams emit mercury vapor, it passes into the bloodstream.  Once in the bloodstream, the poisonous substance races throughout the body.  Once reaching the head, the mercury passes through the brain-blood barrier and collects in the brain, causing long term damage to the central nervous system (i).  Recent studies show that subjects with amalgam fillings also show “markedly higher blood pressure, lower hemoglobin levels, and lower percentages of red blood cells,” (ii).

Safe Mercury Filling Removal

The only way to prevent mercury from damaging the circulatory system, and other vital organs, is to limit exposure to it.  Safe mercury filling removal can rid the mouth of toxic amalgam fillings, thereby reducing the rate at which you are exposed to intense mercury vapor inhalation.  As a Miami dentist, I cannot understate the importance of replacing silver fillings with white fillings.  For more information on these procedures, please contact Assure a Smile today.
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(ii) see above.

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