Breathe Easily with White Fillings

//Breathe Easily with White Fillings

Breathe Easily with White Fillings

miami-dentist-breathe-easy-with-white-fillingsAmalgam (silver) fillings may be 50% or more mercury.  This poisonous substance affects each major body system in some way.  When it comes to the human body’s respiratory system, mercury acts with
Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:
Dental amalgams are typically referred to as silver fillings because of their grayish-silver coloring.  These metal mixtures contain various amounts of tin, silver, and worst of all mercury.  The larger the filling, the higher the mercury content.  Big fillings, in fact, may be composed of upwards of 50 or 60% mercury.
When it comes to mercury accumulation in the human body, experts at the World Health Organization say that dental amalgams contribute the highest amounts—higher than any other sources combined (i).  This is because the mercury–based fillings emit mercury vapor over time, causing the patient to inhale the odorless and tasteless gas regularly.
Holistic dentistry professionals specialize in removing toxic fillings, however, greatly reducing the health risks associated with silver fillings.
Respiratory System Function and Methyl Mercury
Methyl mercury inhibits respiratory function in several ways.  Once it is inhaled, the vapor travels down through the lungs and into capillaries in an effort to reach the bloodstream with oxygen and other non-fatal gases.  As the mercury vapor accumulates in the capillaries and blood, there is a marked decrease in cell respiration (ii).  Essentially, as mercury content increases, the ability for the cells to create energy through respiration decreases.
Additionally, methyl mercury accumulates in the blood and attaches itself to red blood cells.  As this happens, red blood cells are unable to circulate less oxygen throughout the body (iii).
The safe removal of mercury fillings is the only way to dramatically decrease the amount of mercury vapor to which you are exposed.  Replacing fillings made of dental amalgam with white fillings will eliminate mercury inhalation, as white composite fillings contain no mercury.  It is important to consider that no amount of mercury exposure is safe.  What’s more, mercury has an additive effect on the body, becoming more concentrated and toxic over time.  If you have silver fillings, schedule a dental appointment online with the holistic professionals at Assure a Smile to discuss treatment and detoxification plans.
(iii) see above.

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