Choose Your Alcoholic Drinks Carefully

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Choose Your Alcoholic Drinks Carefully

A drink in moderation now and then can help ease stress. Plus, drinks like red wine have shown positive effects when it comes to heart health. We’ve mentioned in the past, however, that certain drinks can cause tooth stains and wear down the enamel due to a compound called chromogen, which reinforces the importance of brushing. Let’s briefly explore some drinks and how they may affect your oral teeth.

Perhaps the worst “offender” are sweet cocktails. The combination of alcohol plus the sugary juice, syrup, or soda means there is lots of acidity going on, wearing down the enamel. Spirits may also cause mouth dryness, increasing the risk of halitosis (bad breath).

Red wine is also acidic albeit not quite on the same level as a sweet cocktail. While a glass is good for the heart in moderation, the dark pigments, as mentioned, can stain teeth. Champagne is also an okay option with sugar content that isn’t quite as bad as something like sweet white wine. However, the fusion of sugar and carbonation may also wear down enamel.

Believe it or not, beer is the safest option thanks to low acidity and more water content and if you go lighter, it’s safer.

Again, this is not to say that you should abstain from drinking. A glass of wine with a snack, for example, may help prevent stains. Cheers!

This update is by Assure a Smile, the longest-tenured holistic dental practice in Miami. Spearheaded by Dr. Theodore “Ted” Herrmann, our top priority is to provide patients with all-encompassing oral health care that safely improves oral health and wellness. By helping patients look and feel their best through a holistic dentistry approach, we strive to empower patients to make informed lifestyle choices that result in strong teeth, healthy gums, beautiful smiles, and optimum vitality. For more information on holistic dental care or to schedule an appointment with a holistic dentist, please visit or call 305-274-0047.

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