Some Honey for the Common Cold

Some Honey for the Common Cold

The medical term upper respiratory infection (URI) is what most people would recognize as the common cold. This virus has a tendency of affecting children more often compared to adults but adults are susceptible as well. An adult can catch a cold about four times a year if their immune system is weak.

Though decongestants and over-the-counter products are a longtime solution to tackling the cold, at-home treatments are another potentially effective option. This may include getting plenty of bed rest, consuming chicken soup, using gargles with salt water, and keeping hydrated. Over the counter options, however, may not prove as efficient for kids.

Perhaps honey is a solution?

In a study concerning more than 100 children dealing with a URI, it was found that giving children a 2.5 ml dose of honey when it was time for bed had a greater effect than other treatments in giving them some relief from coughing. Moreover, those who were offered a honey and lemon mixture displayed greater improvement than those who relied solely on medication. Over-the-counter solutions come with side effects risks like insomnia or drowsiness.

While honey may be useful in the treatment of common colds, it should not be prescribed to children younger than one year of age.

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