Dental Fistulas vs. Abscesses

Dental Fistulas vs. Abscesses

You have probably heard about tooth abscesses – the infections that happen after cavities are left untreated or from injuries. They are painful, cause bad breath and fever, and require immediate dental care. Typically they will need root canals to drain and antibiotics to fully heal.


Dental Fistulas, on the other hand, are what happens when the infection cannot move and creates its own path to the tooth and gum surface, allowing the infection to spread.


Both abscesses and dental fistulas come from infection and bacteria, creating puss (what is seen in an abscess). If you have questions about how to prevent bacteria buildup in the mouth, contact your holistic dentist in Miami. Inadequate dental hygiene diets high in sugar and dry mouth can also cause infection.


If you are unsure whether you are dealing with an abscess or dental fistula, know there are a few key differences. While dental fistulas are not always painful, pain from the area can come off and on. There may also be gum boils or small bumps present on the gums and with an unpleasant taste in your mouth, usually from discharge.


Abscesses are easier to spot since they are very painful, radiating pain all the way to the ear. Tooth sensitivity, fever, and swelling are all common symptoms. Your lymph nodes may also be swollen as your body tries to fight the infection.


It is important that if you are having trouble breathing or swallowing, that you call 911 immediately.


If you are having a hard time determining whether you have an abscess or dental fistula, contact holistic dentistry in Miami, Assure a Smile, and we will get you scheduled to see a dentist who can help you know for sure and how to best treat it.

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