Foundations of Holistic Health

Foundations of Holistic Health

A fundamental aspect of holistic health is how it goes beyond just physical health, closely examining other essential areas such as a person’s emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social health. Collectively, these affect a person’s quality of life. Hence, if one of these areas is not doing as well it should, other areas will also be affected.

Let’s begin with physical health, which begins by adopting a couple of primary practices. Sleeping a minimum of seven to eight hours will help relax and heal your body. At least thirty minutes of physical activity will also help. Restricting the consumption of processed foods can also help.

Emotional neglect can lead to adverse effects and end up impacting physical health. When needed, therapy may help. Writing in a journal is another means of dealing with feelings. Here you can record your emotions, thoughts and highlight the positive life moments. When feeling down or stressed, reflecting on these positive moments can nurture feelings of gratitude. Because emotional health is tied to mental health, keeping the brain healthy by consuming nutrient-rich foods is essential.

Spiritual health doesn’t necessarily mean being religious. Instead, it’s more about being connecting with the world and taking the time to be in tune with nature or practicing meditation.

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