Help Your Blood Pressure With Meditation

Help Your Blood Pressure With Meditation

In the United States alone, elevated blood pressure or hypertension impacts millions of individuals, and it is especially common among older adults. High blood pressure, one of the major causes of a heart attack or stroke, is intimately related to diseases involving the cardiovascular system.

While medicine is frequently used to control high blood pressure, other ways to help keep it in check are also available, such as meditation, for instance. Stress is a prevalent factor contributing to high blood pressure, and the relaxation mechanism of the body is activated by soothing the body and mind through meditation.

There are different ways to meditate. You may want to reflect on a word or repeat an expression that, when concentrating on your breathing, has personal uplifting importance for you. The hardest thing is stopping your meditation from being disrupted by thoughts trying to creep in. The body undergoes metabolic changes until the body’s calming reaction is activated, such as reducing its dependency on oxygen intake, dialing down the heart and respiratory rate, and perhaps even knocking down a few notches of blood pressure.

Research involving almost sixty participants with Stage 1 hypertension engaged in a series of meditation sessions aimed at stimulating the calming reflex of the body. Of the people who finished the program, 13 were able to lower their blood pressure and were no longer diagnosed as patients with Stage 1 hypertension.

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