How Is Your Dental Health Affected by Tobacco?

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How Is Your Dental Health Affected by Tobacco?

If you are a smoker or user of cigarettes, you probably already know that any form of tobacco use will cause teeth staining. But have you realized that the dental health problems go far beyond turning your pearly into unpleasant shades? The use of smoking and tobacco can have a number of effects on your dental health.

For starters, there is gum disease, a bacterial infection that remains a major cause of tooth loss. Although treatments for gum disease exist, they may not prove as effective for smokers or tobacco users. There is also plaque and tartar buildup which sticks to the teeth surface and may cause tooth decay. Untreated tooth decay can lead to tooth loss.

Besides gum disease and plaque, there is also the increased risk of oral cancer. Smokers are six times likelier to develop cancer in their mouths, throats or even their lips versus those that don’t smoke.

A greater chance of jaw bone loss, inflammation of the salivary glands in the mouth roof, halitosis (bad breath), difficulty in recovering from dental procedures, all of these are reasons to consider refraining from smoking in 2020.

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