Pay Attention to the Acidity in Your Food

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Pay Attention to the Acidity in Your Food

Most of us know that eating foods like vegetables and fruit help with staying healthy. However, especially in regards to fruit, it’s also important to pay attention to acidity as this can wreak havoc on the teeth.

To determine whether a food is acidic, you have to examine its pH value. The lower the number is, the greater its acidity. Conversely, higher pH numbers mean the food is basic. Seven is considered neutral pH. Let’s use something like coffee, soft drinks, and certain juices. All of these are known for their acidity. Even fruits that are packed with vitamin C—while good for your health—can contain high levels of acidity. This acid will affect the protective outermost layer of the teeth known as enamel and it may also cause the gum line to recede. Think of fruits like oranges, lemon, pickles, or grapes.

While consuming the aforementioned fruits is a good idea, it’s important to neutralize their acidity by combining them with other foods that are low in acidity. This is where food like broccoli, nuts, avocado, fish, and other fresh vegetables come in. You may also wish to consider less acidic fruit like kiwi, bananas, apples, or cantaloupe.

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