The Powerful Effects of Honey

The Powerful Effects of Honey

Honey is a food that seems to have no limit to what it can do. It’s also a food you should always have on hand. Studies increasingly show that honey can be as powerful in suppressing cough as an over-the-counter solution if you have a cough that seemingly won’t go away.

Honey’s medicinal properties date back millennia into the days of civilizations such as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The people made use of honey for everything from infections of the skin to the treatment of wounds. Today, honey’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are backed up by science and research. It may assist with easing coughs as well as calming sore throats, due to its thick texture.

Although a moderate spoonful of honey is helpful, its uses are considerably versatile. Mixing it with some lemon in tea will relieve congestion, or mix it into crushed garlic. The garlic releases allicin, an anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial substance. The garlic and honey mix provides a powerful defense against the common cold.

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