Understanding Why Teeth Have Pain Sensitivity

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Understanding Why Teeth Have Pain Sensitivity

If it weren’t for the teeth, we’d have trouble breaking down food into consumable pieces. Considering their strength and how important they are, why is it that they’re so sensitive?

Although unpleasant, pain in the teeth serves as a defense mechanism of sorts to alert a person that the teeth are experiencing damage and something needs to be done. If teeth don’t experience pain, they may be used in scenarios that could cause further damage.

Teeth are comprised of a trio of layers. However, the innermost layer known as the pulp is the one that contains nerves and blood vessels and will experience pain. However, nerves in the pulp aren’t necessarily able to sense temperature. If a person were to drink an ice-cold beverage, for example, it may translate as pain.

The middle layer is the dentin is which doesn’t have nerves. However, dentin does have a fluid that the pulp can feel when it moves. As for the enamel, it is the outer layer and cannot feel anything. Enamel can deteriorate, exposing the two other layers and increasing the chances of pain.

Though the pulp layer will relay pain, periodontal ligaments that are responsible for attaching teeth to the jawbone can also experience pain. Think of the soreness you may feel after orthodontic treatment.

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