Visit Your Holistic Dentist at Least Once a Year

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Visit Your Holistic Dentist at Least Once a Year

For many, going to the dentist is something that they may not prioritize. Perhaps they add it to their list of things to do sometime in the year but then it goes forgotten. This can prove to be a costly mistake in more than just monetary ways.

Going just one year without seeing a dentist could mean that small cavities are slowly developing in size and you may be developing periodontal disease without even realizing it. If you’re constantly experiencing bad breath despite brushing, this may be a sign that there is something serious going on.

After two years of not seeing a dentist, your cavities may have progressed beyond simple fillings. You may be experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity. After five years, the tooth issues may be serious enough that you experience bone loss. The symptoms will only progress more as the years go by without seeing a holistic dentist.

Remember that your oral health is closely tied to the rest of the body. Poor dental health may lead to a greater risk of developing issues in the cardiovascular system and more.

This update is by Assure a Smile, the longest-tenured holistic dental practice in Miami. Spearheaded by Dr. Theodore “Ted” Herrmann, our top priority is to provide patients with all-encompassing oral health care that safely improves oral health and wellness. By helping patients look and feel their best through a holistic dentistry approach, we strive to empower patients to make informed lifestyle choices that result in strong teeth, healthy gums, beautiful smiles, and optimum vitality. For more information on holistic dental care, CEREC technology, or to schedule an appointment with a holistic dentist, please visit or call 305-274-0047.

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