What You Can Eat Following a Tooth Extraction

What You Can Eat Following a Tooth Extraction

Extracting a tooth typically means surgery. Post-op care can be delicate and should be paid attention to carefully, including diet. Following a tooth extraction can present quite the challenge when eating. Your mouth is in some amount of discomfort, so knowing the best foods to eat can help prevent pain the days following.


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Foods that are soft and liquid are your best options since they do not require much chewing. Food and beverage temperature should be cool or room temperature, never hot or extremely cold. Extreme temperatures can cause more irritation.


Soup (not too hot) is a great meal to eat. It is full of nutrients and requires little to no chewing. Chicken noodle soup is a favorite since it is packed with protein and will keep you full for a while and less focused on not agitating the incision site.


Smoothies are another great option. Full of fruits and vegetables, you can enjoy a sweet treat while recovering. They are also a great post-op option for eating since you can add various supplements like vitamins, minerals, protein, and more to help balance your diet while recovering. Adding in yogurt can help reduce acidity, causing an even lower chance of irritating gums.


Remember to stay away from straws after tooth extraction surgery! The sucking action used with straws can remove the blood clot that is protecting the empty tooth socket. Doing so can also cause dry socket, exposing the underlying bone and nerves and increasing the risk of infection. Dry socket can also be painful, so it is best to avoid straws at all costs.


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