What’s Causing Yellow Teeth?

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What’s Causing Yellow Teeth?

A problem many people face is yellow teeth, an issue that can be caused by several different factors. However, certain things can increase the chances of teeth turning yellow. Let’s explore some of these.

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid yellow teeth is to watch what you’re consuming. Food like tomatoes and berries can cause yellowing of the teeth. In the case of berries, however, you can still consume them but you may wish to drink something that will neutralize the acidity. Green vegetable consumption is also a good way to slow down or prevent yellowing.

Tea, coffee, red wine, all of these can cause teeth discoloration. Should you decide to drink tea or coffee, you may wish to opt for the decaffeinated type.

Smoking is another factor that can yellow the teeth due to the nicotine. While yellowing is common, there is also a risk of the teeth turning brown.

As a person ages and the teeth are exposed to acidic drinks and foods, the enamel will continue to wear down, which means the teeth could turn a shade of yellow sooner than you might like. Make sure that you’re regularly visiting a holistic dentist to help keep your oral health in the best shape possible.

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