Key Steps to Take After a Knocked-Out Tooth

//Key Steps to Take After a Knocked-Out Tooth

Key Steps to Take After a Knocked-Out Tooth

Dental emergencies come in many forms. Some start from the inside, where intense and relentless pain indicative of a serious problem leads to a desperate call to a dentist or even a trip to the emergency room. Other emergencies come suddenly as a result of external factors. Such is the case with a knocked-out tooth.
A trip and fall, a car accident, an errant baseball – there are any number of ways a tooth can wind up out of our mouths and on the ground. It can be pretty traumatic when that happens and you may be worried that you’ve lost that tooth for good. But by keeping a cool head and taking quick action, you may be able to save the tooth and restore your smile as if nothing had happened.
If you or your child has a knocked-out tooth, also called an “avulsed” tooth, take these key steps to maximize the chances of saving the tooth:

  • See a dentist or endodontist immediately. An avulsed tooth is always an emergency, and the most important thing you can do is arrange to see a dental professional ASAP. Knocked-out teeth are the most common dental emergency, and if you call your dentist they should welcome you to come in as soon as you can. Ideally, you’ll want to be in the dentist’s chair with 30 minutes.
  • Pick up the tooth carefully. If you want to save your tooth, you need to bring it with you to the dentist, but you need to be careful when picking it up and transporting it. Try to pick it up from the crown (the chewing surface) and not the root. Touching the root could increase the chances of infection if and when the tooth is replanted in your mouth.
  • Gently rinse the tooth. After you carefully pick the tooth up, you’ll want to gently clean the tooth and rinse off any dirt or debris. Use water only, and don’t try to scrub the tooth and don’t wipe it off with a washcloth or paper towel.
  • Try to put the tooth back in its socket. Holding the tooth by the crown only, try to reinsert the tooth back into its socket of possible. Don’t force it, however. If it won’t fall into place after gently applying pressure or biting down on it, take the following step instead.
  • Keep the tooth moist. Put the tooth in a glass of milk if possible. If not, keep the tooth in your mouth between your cheek and gum where your saliva can keep it moist while you make your way to the dentist.

Once you arrive at your dentist’s office, he or she will try to replant the tooth. This may or may not involve an immediate root canal, depending on the condition of the tooth and the socket. But so long as you take quick action after suffering a knocked-out tooth, there is a good chance that your dentist will be able to return your tooth to its rightful place in your mouth in short order.
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