A New Year, A New You: Free Health Guides from Assure A Smile

//A New Year, A New You: Free Health Guides from Assure A Smile

A New Year, A New You: Free Health Guides from Assure A Smile

Assure a Smile kicks off the new year with a collection of health and wellness guides designed to help South Florida families eat well and feel great through 2014! All publications can be found under the Nutrition category of the Miami Dentist Blog. There, readers will find easy-to-follow guides on new health trends like the Paleo diet, digestive system health, detoxing, and much more.
The Paleo Diet is a new approach to nutrition that mimics the diet of our Paleolithic Era ancestors. By eating a diet of delicious vegetables, fresh fruits, and healthy fats, researchers believe we can significantly improve digestive system health while reducing the incidence of other serious illnesses.
Digestive system health is another health trend that became popular in 2013, though our holistic dentistry practice has blogged about this issue for several years. By taking time to nourish the digestive system and rebalance the gut with healthy bacteria, doctors believe patients can improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

More Health Trends on the Miami Dentist Blog

This year, Assure A Smile invites South Florida families to take a holistic approach to improving oral health. To help, the Miami dental practice has published several health guides available under the Nutrition section of the Miami Dentist Blog.
Read the Press Release. Read the full press release here: Assure A Smile Publishes New Holistic Health Guides for 2014
Important: Readers are advised to always seek the guidance of a licensed medical professional prior to making changes to diet or exercise regimens.

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