Enjoy Butter Guilt-Free

Enjoy Butter Guilt-Free

Following the increased scrutiny on saturated fats, health authorities erroneously advised Americans to forgo good fats like butter to lessen their heart attack chance and lose weight. As a popular spread and cooking partner, margarine, comprised of processed vegetable oils and trans fats, appeared.

Thanks to modern research, today we understand that processed vegetable oils are not good for the body, and an important 1997 report analyzing the effect of margarine on cardiovascular disease revealed that margarine may up heart failure odds. Even so, for decades, margarine has remained more common than butter. It was in 2005 that butter regained its position at the top, and consumption has been increasing since.

Butter still has a reputation as something deemed a guilty pleasure but people indulge in due to how it enhances the flavor. However, since better packs good health perks, especially if the milk has been derived from grass-fed cows, it’s largely a guilt-free food.

As opposed to refined margarine, butter is a whole food with essential nutrients. Some of these are vitamins A, D, E, and K2, antioxidants, and lecithin. In butterfat, health benefits are tied to multiple compounds.

To read more, please visit https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/01/04/is-butter-back.aspx.

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