Sweets Wreak Havoc on Oral Health

//Sweets Wreak Havoc on Oral Health

Sweets Wreak Havoc on Oral Health

Certain sweets are worse than others in terms of affecting tooth health. Gummy or sticky sweets, for example, will cling to the teeth which may cause bacteria to grow. Carbonated drinks are not only packed with sugar, their acidic nature can wear down the tooth enamel, the outer layer of the tooth.

Plaque is a sticky film that grows on the teeth and below the gums, caused by bacteria feeding on sugar in your mouth. Demineralization of tooth enamel is caused by plaque’s acid content. Once the enamel is stripped away, bacteria and acid can penetrate the teeth and hit the interior of the soft dentin.

Tooth degradation refers to cavities. Cavities begin their life as holes found in tooth enamel. They get wider and thicker if fillings are not done. Sugary ingredients, liquids, acid, and bacteria will all invade a cavity, causing unexpected and quite unpleasant pain.

The development of plaque may also contribute to gum disease. When the plaque on the teeth becomes hard, it turns into tartar. Gums may become infected by tartar and plaque, resulting in inflammation, bleeding, and even infections. Owing to the exposure of the tooth’s roots, which are comprised of nerve endings, inflamed, sore gum tissue may make a tooth more sensitive.

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