Things You Can Expect for Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Things You Can Expect for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most people will need to get their wisdom teeth removed at some point (unless you are one of the lucky few without them). Those that do have them will erupt between ages 17 and 25, but no matter what age they come in at, wisdom teeth need to be removed to avoid impaction – teeth trapped in jawbone or gums – misalignment, tight spacing, and decay.

Getting your wisdom teeth is no cause for panic. You will undergo surgery, but it is a common practice that dentists perform every day, with a fast recovery time.

Before you get surgery, you will have a pre-surgery appointment where you will be asked about your medical history and discuss the procedure ins and outs and have the opportunity to ask your dentist or oral surgeon any questions.

During surgery, you will receive one of three types of anesthesia – general, local, or sedation. In your pre-surgery appointment, you will have the chance to discuss which type is right for you and your dental needs. Some people need to be completely under during the entire procedure while some will only need a light level of anesthesia. If you are awake during the surgery, you may feel pressure or tugging sensations but will not feel any pain. Most removals take no more than one hour.

After surgery, make sure you are following all post-op orders. You will likely feel swelling and discomfort in the first couple of days after surgery. Complete healing takes a few weeks. Plan to be laid back and avoid heavy physical activity for a few days as these activities can dislodge blood clots from sockets, slowing down the healing process. Eat soft foods and follow the brushing schedule given to avoid any irritation.

If you have any questions about wisdom teeth removal, contact your local Miami Dentist. Assure a Smile seeks to provide holistic dental care in Miami to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle through proper nutrition, diet, and safe care. Visit us online for more information on using holistic approaches for better oral health.

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