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Is Fluoride Really Good for Me?

Is Fluoride Really Good for Me?It may be difficult to believe fluoride is NOT good for you. We have been told by seemingly every dental professional that it is needed and good for us. In a world with store shelves stocked with fluoride toothpastes, mouth rinses, and even fluoridated nursery water, it is hard to believe that fluoride is NOT needed to prevent tooth decay. In fact, there is no clinical evidence that supports the claim that fluoride “prevents tooth decay.” Clinical studies overwhelmingly show using fluoride has adverse effects on your long term health, especially when overexposed.

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The Evils of Fluoride

The Evils of FluorideDr. Herrmann spoke about “The Evils of Fluoride” at a PATH (Positive Alternative Therapies in Healthcare) meeting at the Miami Science Museum on October 24th. He brought to the audience’s attention that there is a large amount of misinformation regarding fluoride, and the increased use of fluoride has resulted in it being added to our public water, toothpaste and our food (readers may visit our list of the 5 most common fluoride sources to learn more).

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