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We Can Now Process Zirconia in the Office

zirconia Here are Assure A Smile, we are proud to offer zirconia dental implants – a revolutionary alternative to titanium alloys used for decades in replacing lost teeth. Despite the extensive benefits of zirconium as a substitute for titanium, the vast majority of dentists still opt for traditional metal implants.
For some patients, particularly individuals with a metal sensitivity, titanium alloys aren’t an option. Dr. Ted Hermann and the Assure A Smile team aim to help patients seeking biocompatible alternatives for replacing lost teeth.
The Benefits of Zirconia Dental Implants
Unlike titanium, zirconium is a chemical element with no proven side effects on oral or overall well-being. Because of zirconium’s biocompatibility, many patients opt for zirconia dental implants over titanium alloys to minimize the presence of metals in the body. While zirconia dental implants contain minor traces of metal, they are regarded as safe for individuals who suffer from metal sensitivity and/or allergies.
Zirconia implants are white and opaque, allowing for a more natural and seamless look long after implantation. Further, zirconia dental implants feature no prosthetic connections, minimizing the potential for bacteria growth and infection.
Because it is biocompatible with the human body, zirconium is easily adapted and accepted by the soft tissue of the gums. Many patients claim zirconia implants lead to better implant form, enhanced comfort and increased durability compared to the traditional titanium structures. While titanium became the most popular material because of its ability to fuse easily with the existing bone, zirconia implants also integrate with the surrounding oral bones securely.
In order to determine if you’re a candidate for zirconia dental implants, Dr. Ted Hermann will perform an evaluation. Then, he uses CEREC technology to create digital impressions that ensure your zirconia dental implants fit and function properly for years to come. The impressions do not involve plaster mold trays or result in discomfort.
To schedule a consultation for zirconia dental implants in Miami, contact Assure A Smile at 305-274-0047. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and get you started on a path toward a full and functional bite.

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