Why Get Dental Implants?

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Why Get Dental Implants?

Why Get Dental Implants?Missing a tooth? Whether you’ve suffered from periodontal disease or faced an injury, lacking a full smile can be emotionally damaging. Smiling has been proven to directly correlate with increased mood and overall happiness.[1] Without a full set of teeth, smiling shifts from a positive expression to a physical embarrassment. Dental professionals began working with implants in order to help patients regain their confidence and live a more ordinary life in the mid-1900s.
Benefits of dental implants
Perhaps the most obvious and present effect of dental implants is an improved personal aesthetic. Aside from a full smile, dental implants can help patients retain their natural face shape since missing teeth often leads to a sunken or sagging appearance.
Some patients lacking a full set of teeth will opt for non-permanent dentures. However, dentures can cause speech problems and feel bulky or unnatural when placed on the gums. Therefore, the most optimal treatment for missing teeth is dental implants. The results are permanent and beneficial:

  • Long-term solution
  • Protects, preserves and stimulates natural bone growth
  • No speech impairment commonly associated with removable dentures
  • Chew and taste all foods normally
  • No cavities
  • No slipping
  • More stability than bridgework or removable devices

Almost anyone craving a full, permanent smile is a candidate for dental implants. For individuals coping with titanium allergies, zirconia implants are considered ceramic, essentially eliminating the risk of metal reactions when introduced into the mouth.
Dental implants require a comprehensive dental exam and a treatment plan, where a dental professional analyzes your jawbone to determine if implants are the optimal route. Typically, your dentist uses a local anesthesia, general anesthesia or sedation to maximize comfort during the procedure. After all stages of the process are complete, including removal of damaged teeth, jawbone preparation, healing and implantation of abutment and crown, you’re left with pleasing and smile-provoking results.
For more on dental implants and scheduling an appointment, contact Assure A Smile, a leading South Florida holistic dentistry in practice for over 25 years.
[1] https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cutting-edge-leadership/201206/there-s-magic-in-your-smile

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